Saturday, July 24, 2010

What I Scored at Intermix!!

I got these 75% off today!!!!!! It was very odd that they were on super sale already at Intermix since they're still listed at Nordstrom for full price. But regardless, I did not question it. I IMMEDIATELY, purchased these babies!! They were my perfect size too! Crazy!!! Well, they are 38.5 and they fit me perfectly which is even stranger since I normally wear 37.

Check out this beauty below! I love the slingback!

I also got this at Hu's Shoes, a Natalia Brilli wallet from my fiance. :)

It was a good shopping day indeed!


Pakcola said...

omg those are beautiful! Did they have more sizes???

pixelant said...

They didn't have anymore in Georgetown but you might be able to call the store and check!

Good Luck!!!

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