Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Rezzies in Baby Steps

Happy Amazing New Year to Everyone!!!

I have been thinking alot about resolutions and goals. This year, I'm going to attempt to take them a little more seriously. I have a habbit of picking up many hobbies and new things but not really finishing them because of time and what not.

I'm setting 2 month goals to see if I'm commiting to these...

Here goes...

1) Going to Hot Yoga once a week ( I need to start with baby steps people).

Doesnt sound like much but an hour and a half to commit to hot yoga is a lot, lol. I use to go twice and sometimes three times a week but that hasnt happened since june bc we've been busy with wedding planning. If you live in the DC area and havent't tried hot yoga at Down Dog, I highly recommend it! According to the livestrong iphone app, you burn like a thousand calories in one session. I'm not really going to count calories, I like the fact that I can show up and follow what the instructor is doing and in an hour and a half, I've done a full body workout without any thinking! At the end I feel Really good and cleansed! if your looking for relaxing yoga this is not the class for you. My friend who attended once called it military style. Eeeeek. I think that just sounds harsh but it's really great and omg you will be addicted too.

2) Not buying clothes for the sake of a sale.

Seriously, I have a lot of shit. We probably all have too much in our closets!
No one loves the thrill of a sale, or finding the uniqe item that hopefully no one will have, more than me. Sending links to my friends for encouragement to pull the trigger! Bad, Bad,Bad! But as I was reorganizing my closet over Christmas break ( it was right before the container store elfa sale too! Grrr! It's 30% off now! so if you want to reorganize, do it this month!), I just have so much that I still have not worn. And, there were bags and bags of the I THINK I MIGHT need. But guys, I got rid of it! It's retarded and hard, but there are people in this world with no clothes or even a closet, and I'm hording these bags for no reason. So off to good will they went! My friend mentioned something once about only having the things you really love in your wardrobe, so I'm going to give this philosophy a try.

3) Eating better.

I'm nasty when it comes to eating. this morning's episode of TLC's Two Ton Man or whatever it's called really sealed the deal for me. I love donuts and everything that is bad for you. I will eat ice cream and pbj's at 10 o clock at night after a big dinner with no problem. I dindnt diet for my wedding. In fact, I found excuses and ate more in all of the celebratory occasions, lol! It's terrible and I need to be nicer to my body. So my general plan is to use the livestrong app and entering what I eat daily.
Today...I has a veggie omlette for breakfast with potatos, and a handful of almonds, and cold veghie soba noodle salad for dinner with a side of sauteed spinach. It was actually yumm!! I did have a little ramekin of moose trax. just a little one. I'd like to try eating less meat, more fish and veggies? Anyone have good recipes?

I'm going to start with just these three goals to see what I can do. Baby steps I tell you.

We just got our pictures from our October wedding! I will leave you with one pic of my favorite day from 2010.

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!!!

- Alisa


ratsonparade said...

Love the photo! I'll have to try out the livestrong app - it's time to get back on the eating-good-for-you wagon! Hot yoga sounds fantastic - I'd love to burn that many calories all at once! (Doing the elliptical machine burns about 500 tops) Sounds like you're off to a good start for the new year! :)

bizz said...

I'm gonna try to go to bikram more too. I got lazy and started shopping sales lol

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