Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Jewelry at my B&M

Stopped at my local B&M on the way home from work today and here are some new pieces of jewelry I saw.

Salesman called this piece ' The Acorn Necklace', tho, I'm not sure if that is the technical name.
This necklace was $55. I tried it on but it was not spectacular. I did not really love anything in this case but thought the one on the far right was VERY Interesting. It is in the style of various baubles but instead, it is a bunch of lockets. Next time I'm in the store I will need to try that on.

Pictured below is the Horseshoe charm necklace, this is actually pretty cute in person. It is $48.00 item 19430. To the right looks like fall version of resin chain necklace similar to spring/early summer tortoise shell pattern chain necklace.

The necklace below looks like another 'statement necklace'. I have not seen this on the website or in catalog.

This case had a very interesting grayish blue ribbon & bauble necklace. It doesn't look like this piece is on the website yet.

This is not jewelry but it's the Nottingham Ankle Boots
Item 16940. One of the shoes I'm planning to pick up on Aug 23rd JCA event! It looks so much better IRL! The website shows two colors in dark slate and dark mushroom. This one seems like a rich gray color to me. I'm wondering if this is a retail store only version? Regardless, I think I'm going for this version. It's soooooooo pretty!

Overall, I thought the jewelry was okay. There wasn't anything I just had to have NOW. :/
I am hoping there will be more interesting pieces coming out soon.

What do you think of the new jewelry so far? Are you planning on picking up any new pieces from the JCrew fall collection?



RatsOnParade said...

That "statement necklace" looks like one big hot mess! Yeeach. Thanks so much for posting pics of the new jewelry! Our stores here in Ohio just don't seem to carry that much so it's nice to see it in "person." :) Those ankle boots are super-cute! Love love LOVE the gray!

bug pin said...

^LOL--that's exactly what I said out loud when I read/saw that necklace!! Thanks for the pics, though!

You really are a J Crew shoe fan, aren't you?! I find them the most ill-fitting, and mostly uncomfortable shoes around but J Crew gets you EVERY TIME with the very desirable styles! This time around, I am not going to be had. I am giving some TRULY Italian made shoe maker my money;)
I do love the shoes you picked up--enjoy:)

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