Monday, August 10, 2009

JCrew Petra Nubuck Review

JCrew Petra Nubuck

These deserve the Summer Shoe Award (if there was one). I looooooooooooove my Petra Nubucks.
Loooooooooooooove. So much I don't want to wear them at the risk of ruining them. I want them to last forever! Forever I say!

Petra nubuck heels
Item 14715
was $225.00
on sale for $149.99

Color: Nut or Pebble.
If they had Pebble in my size I would totally buy it. Yes, I'm one of those, if I like something I will buy it in multiple colors if it's available.

Fit: True to Size
Since it's leather it will probably stretch a little.

Italian Nubuck.
I honestly don't know enough about leather to argue exactly what Nubuck is.
Nor do I care. I just know it's super soft and conforms to my feeties. Oh, it's naiice.

Heel Height:
3.5 inches
Awesome! With this shoe I am 5 foot 6.5!

Style: Vintage feel. Goes with everything! You can't go wrong!

Final Recommendation:

Rating: 5 Stars

Get. This. Shoe.
It is currently on sale for $149!!!! You will thank me!




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