Monday, August 10, 2009

Need some Lyla Peep Toe Help!

Lyla Printed Peep Toes at JCrew

I have been eyeing the Lyla Peep Toes ever since it came out! So last week I finally ordered these pretty little peep pumps. Purchased as FS in Papaya and they arrived punctual,pretty, and as pictured (I think). Okay I will stop.

I had read that they run tight in the toe area but I ordered my usual size since that is what my PS recommended since they seem to run TTS based on my previous order of the Petra Nubuck Pumps. Ordered size 7, check!

Tho, there is something about them that is just not right. I ran through a little check list of what it might be, here is what I've discovered.

1) Size = good.

2) Color = ok good, (pretty close to the picture).

3) Ratio of white blotch to papaya color = not bad (I'm ok with it).

4) Doo hickey grippy thing inside the shoe in heel area? OUCH! WTF is in my shoe? That is the first I have seen on a high heel shoe. I'm not really sure what to think of it. Is it suppose to help? Or is it suppose to hurt? Right now it just hurts! I decided to take a nail file and file it down like I had done on the inside of a pair of my McQueens (don't tell boyfriend you tried to file down your McQueens gals, not a good idea - especially if he bought them). So after I filed down all four of the white grippy strips (yes, JCrew so kindly installed one on each side of the heel, in case we ever felt the need to run a marathon in peep toes, these suckers aren't slipping off!). The shoe seems to feel much better in the heel area now. Feet are happy. Problem solved.

5) This is kind of a big issue for me. The bow is kinda big and hanging, is my bow crooked??? Does it look centered to you? Should it be centered ( I feel like the one on the website has a centered bow)? I took some pictures below to compare. Please tell me what you think! I really liked the shoe when I saw it online but extra large bow was not in the picture. Is that just how the peep toe bows are? Or did I get an extra large floppy bow? Is it too much to ask on a $250USD shoe that my shoe look like the one pictured? Is it not a big deal? Am I obsessing?

Keep or return? Should I trim the bow?




RatsOnParade said...

Those do look a little more off to the side than normal - my Lulus from a few seasons ago had the same bows -- and they were also off to the side a bit. I'm glad to hear they're fitting a little better now! They're still awfully cute - but for $250 they really should be perfect! Such a hard decision...

pixelant said...

Yes! Nail file did the trick! And well technically, they weren't $250 since I got them on sale but still! It's a lota money for shoez! They are cute and sweet tho... yes, decisions..decisions.

jade said...

I do hate when they put asymetrical details in a pair... I do like my peep toe bows front and center.
These do look super cute from the side though with the bows that way...perhaps I'll try something not in the center.
The little grippy things are for big footed people like myself...where there is a good bit of distance between your heel and where the peep toe that we don't get the flip flop feel. I don't see any reason that you would need them in your size though :/
I LOVE that color...I have aquired a good bit of coral in the last few months.

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