Thursday, August 18, 2011

Purple Dress, 20% Off + New Stuff!

Looking for a dress for a wedding in few weeks, I tried on this new purple dress while in the Tysons Corner J.Crew store today. Not sure what it's called. I don't see it on line. It was light fluffy, probably made of some kind of chiffon. It has a side zip and ties a bow in the back. I tried on size 2, so I think it's running TTS. I tucked in straps here because I think it looks better but its probably meant to be worn with the straps. The purple is just ridiculously beautiful. I wished it was a little more structured, so I'm still deciding.

Here are the things I picked up while in store today....the sa's were nice enough to let me use 20% off even though the coupon says online only. Not only that, they didn't take my code, they just used a 20% barcode from their little book. That means I can order more stuff before next weeks! Eeek!

Patent tortoise capri sandals

Valentina printed patent pumps
Patent triple-loop belt in red

Watercolor floral scarf

What are you getting this weekend?


fshnonmymind said...

Did you decide whether to get the purple dress because it looks beautiful on you??

I didn't see that when I went to the Pentagon City J. Crew this week, so I might have to make a trip out to Tysons.

pixelant said...

The dress is much prettier in person. My iphone camera is not that good. It also came in black but I thought the purple showed more detailing at the top. I am still deciding on the dress!

dinagideon said...

First, I am stoked that Tysons SAs were super-nice and generous with the discount. I usually can't stand going there because I have always felt like they were *just* tolerating my presence. So, yay, maybe I can venture another go to their store at some point.

Second, love the purple on you. And the structured, architectural bodice is stunning. I just wish it had straps so I could give it a go. LOL. :)

pixelant said...

Yea! The people at Tysons are usually really nice. The does have straps! I tucked it inside! You should definitely try it on. It's beautiful in person!

Jihan S. said...

I've been DYING to see what those pumps look like in person. Thanks for the post!!

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