Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake & The Gathering Tank

Hope everyone on the east coast survived the earthquake yesterday! We had a little bit of damage at home but not too bad. Just a few things broke here an there and some pictures out of place but no big deal.

The good news is, the wine did not break! It just slid out of the rack

It was a little crazy in D.C. area. I went to return something at J.crew in tysons after work and it was a ghost town! It looked like some of the SA's were going home too.

I got the Gathering Tank last Tuesday but I guess I forgot to post about it!

Here it is in the green color. I knew I had to have it when I saw it online! Tho, I don't see the green online anymore but you can still get the white, lilac, and turquoise. I'm wearing XS - I would suggest sizing down one size in Deletta tops. the lilac and white, probably need to be worn with a tank top underneath, it's a little sheer.

Love this top! So easy to waer and comfy!

Also wearing my tortoise flops today.

How did you everyone do in the earthquake?


ratsonparade said...

I LOVE that top! The color is so gorgeous! And I ordered the tortoise sandals too after I saw you'd gotten them - they're supposed to arrive tomorrow. :) Glad you guys survived the quake!

pixelant said...

Thanks! You'll love them! They are so comfy!

A Bigger Closet said...

Glad you're ok after the quake! We didn't feel it in TO this time, although I did feel the one a few months before.

The top is very pretty on you. :)

pixelant said...

Awh thanks! The weather has just been crazy. I'm hoping the hurricane doesnt make it to DC this weekend!

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