Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen Dies Today

I was so shocked to hear the news this morning (who did I hear it from? My fiance of course! He's very up on the latest news and tweets. I've trained him pretty well with key words of designer names in his little database head). Alexander McQueen committed suicide and was found dead at his London home.

My first thought was it's so sad and then - what happens when a creator of such a well known brand passes? When Versace died, I believe his sister took over the business. In this instance, it's too soon to tell what will happen. It also makes me wonder what could drive such a successful person to just throw in the towel. Was it corporate life? pressure? And two weeks before fashion week! It's just very, very sad. He's inspired so many from fashion designers to
obsessed fashionistas and wana-bes.

McQueen is known for his bold signature style of skulls and zippers.

See more of his designs here.

Here are a couple links to the story. Read more here and here. This is what the McQueen website says.


gigiofca said...

It's very sad. He must've been in a lot of pain. I don't think suicide is a rash act.

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