Monday, October 19, 2009

Wishing it was Sunday, Wear to Work Monday Comfy Outfit

With the dropping temperatures in DC these days (I'm from Florida so this IS WINTER), cozy and comfy is where it's at!

This is just a quick polyvore of what I wore to work today. I am so in love with legginggssssss this year!! Especially the leggings from Jcrew I picked up a couple months ago. They are so soft and awesome -- feels like wearing pyjamas! I have washed them so many times already and it' doesnt look like it's fading or anything, and that includes the wears on weekends! It's just so easy. I have literally been wearing leggings like every other day to work. I am sure coworkers are thinking ' does this girl have any other pants?'. LOL. I want to stock up on these babies for fear that JCrew will discontinue them soon. Best part about wearing leggings is that I can eat a lot and not have to worry about my jeans or pants fitting to tight! I'm loving leggings and boots, leggings and boots, leggings and boots, and leggings and boots this year!!!!

So here is my outfit below. Not too exciting for a Monday but definitely comfy!

Top - Anthropologie Iris Blouse
Sweater - Cotton Long Cardigan in creme color
Bottoms - JCrew Signature black leggings
Boots - JCrew Glenbrae boots
Bag - Chloe Studded Saskia

Do you love leggings? What is your go to comfy wear to work item for this winter?


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