Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Private Cardmember Preview

I just received this email from JCrew. It says

A Private Cardmember Preview( (Just for You)

Yes, I guess I mostly buy jewelry pieces from JCrew. In fact, I just picked up a new piece last night! The bracelet version of this new necklace they just emailed me about. Oh JCrew, how do you know me so well? hahhahaha I got the rose gold version of this bracelet. It is so beautiful!!!! My receipt says Crystal-and-pearl pastiche. It's basically your all in one pearl, chain, cz intertwined. It's very well made in my opinion (not light and cheap like the crystal garden bracelet.) Doesn't look like the bracelet is online as of yet, but here is a link to the necklace that they sent in my email.

I love my bracelet!

Here are some pics of the rose gold version of the bracelet on me (pardon my arm hairs folks). Trying to take this pic with a gian dslr was quite difficult task in focussing.

The bracelet

On me

Tip: There were a few of these in the drawer but i went through and looked for the tightest woven bracelets to ensure it would keep it's shape after wear. I would try to stay away from the droopy ones.

What do you think of this bracelet? Have any of you seen this piece in person?


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