Monday, August 1, 2011

Loving At Ann Taylor

I was strolling through Clarendon killing time last week and noticed that Ann Taylor - the regular store had opened, right across from the Ann Taylor Loft which is odd, no? Why go to the more expensive one when the cheaper version is across the way? I went in to the new store and thought WOAH MAN!

I use to do tagalong shopping there when I'd go with my mom during high school and college but always thought - eh someday when I'm an adult. But man, have they upped their game.

As I approach my super duper early thirties, I could totally see myself rocking the items in this store. It's totally age appropriate for mid twenties too. Alot of it now reminds of me of BCBG mixed with JCrew which has sort of been my style.

Super cute, conservative, with a smidge of sexy.

Screenshot of some of the Fall looks are below

And these are the items I saw in store that I'm trying to decide between

Petite Ribbed Tunic

Totally Classic

Draped Midriff Dress

Awesome Clutch. Very well made. It wont peel like real snake skin either!

Snake Foldover Clutch

Another Classic piece

Sculptural Necklace

Fun Bracelet that could be worn with alot
Snake Print Cuff Bracelet

Cute Fall Jacket!

Compact Doubleweave Jacket

What do you think I should definitely get?Of the Fall stuff for Ann Taylor, what are your faves? Would you wear some of these looks?


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