Thursday, August 20, 2009

JCrew September Catalog Favorites

Stopped at my local B&M yesterday after work and picked up the September catalog!
Here are my favorites!!!!! Okay the favorite favorites are the ones i took a couple zoomed pictures of...

Dressy Jersey Pleated Pilar Dress. Item 17963A. $78

Dream Knox Sweater Jacket. Item 18172A. $135

Wool Ruffle Front Coat. Item 17501A. $268

Rebekah Perforated Mary Janes (shown in Faded Orchid). Item 17496A. $215

Boiled Woold Regalia Sweater-Jacket. Item 17655A. $198 (Catalog Only)

Blushed Tweet Pencil Skirt. Item 17446A $158

What are your September favorites?



ashley said...

there are sooo many fall pieces that i want! its so hard to decide! i just followed your blog i dont know why i didn't do it sooner! :)

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